Missouri currently consists of 5 clubs.

Missouri Arabian Horse Association                                                                   

President April Nickelson lirpanickelson@hughes.net 573-701-2529
Vice-President Ryan Chambers ryan.chambers.rc@gmail.com 314-717-7683
Treasurer Mindi Montgomery   573-756-7499
Secretary Caitlyn Stayduhar cstayduhar@gmail.com 618-210-0420
Membership Chair Robinn Lindvall arlindvall@gmail.com  
Youth Coordinator Heather Lindvall hlindvall86@gmail.com  



Business Address & website

P.O. Box 326
Fredericktown, MO  63645

Greater Kansas City Arabian Horse Association
The Greater Kansas City Arabian Horse Association was chartered in 1964, as the original AHA affiliate in the Kansas City area.   The Club has sponsored major Region 11 Class A shows for over 20 years. Many members serve on Regional and National Committees, and are active as workers and exhibitors at the various National Championships. GKCAHA sponsors a successful one-day All-Breed show, as well as a biennial training clinic featuring nationally-known trainers which attracts attendees from across the Midwest.  The Midwinter Celebration is an annual tradition for all members, which honors the High Point winners of the show season at a dinner and presentation of awards.
President Kevin Jochens     
Vice-President Michael Grimm    
Treasurer Mary Dobson mcd52871@aol.com 816-331-2888
Secretary Chrissy Norris chrissyn@fairpoint.net  
Membership Chair Mary Dobson mcd52871@aol.com 816-331-2888
Youth Coordinator Chrissy Norris chrissyn@fairpoint.net  

Business Address & website

P.O. Box 1502
Raymore, MO 64083

Missouri Northland Arabian Horse Association                                                    top
President Mary Ann Ranallo magrfarm@aol.com 816-320-3160
Vice-President Dianna Edie dirls@netzero.net 816-407-7006
Treasurer Linda Parsons jpar327@aol.com 816-628-4669
Secretary Nicole Davis nikkinicolair@aol.com 816-781-4555
Membership Chair Mary Ranallo magrfarm@aol.com 816-320-3160
Youth Coordinator Kimberly Ranallo Sommers karanallo@hotmail.com  

Business Address

6251 SE Hwy 33
Holt, MO 64048

Southwest Missouri Arabian Horse Association                                                        top
President Marlene Rieder MRIEDER@WILDBLUE.NET
Vice-President Danena Freeman danenaf@hotmail.com 417-933-5600
Treasurer Claudia Tucker jmtuckers2@aol.com 417-732-2474
Secretary Jennifer Hurt Jennifer_Hurt@sbcglobal.net 417-830-9174
Membership Chair Danena Freeman danenaf@hotmail.com 417-933-5600
Youth Coordinator Libby Ferguson libby@libbyfergusonhorsetraining.com 417-831-7355

Business Address

11274 W. Farm Rd 178
Republick, MO 65738

Southwind Arabian Horse Association                                                              top
President Cindy Cartwright cindy@asaalah.com  
Vice-President Sally Adams virinda@townsqr.com 417-764-3354
Treasurer Pam Holler dcarabians@socket.net 417-934-6026
Secretary Caroline Stauffer lessta65571@yahoo.com 417-932-5801
Membership Chair Jeannie Pierce-Cripps dreamcatcherarabians@hotmail.com  
Youth Coordinator Jeannie Pierce-Cripps dreamcatcherarabians@hotmail.com  

Business Address

P.O. Box 1244
Mountain View, MO 65548