Region XI of the Arabian Horse Association

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Qualifying Events


Region XI Executive Board
Director - Ryan Chambers
Vice Director - Frank Reed
Secretary - Thresa Horn
Treasurer - Chrissy Norris

Region XI Youth Director - Taylor Smith

Region XI Youth Supervisor - Angela Sullivan

Region XI Show Commission
Ryan Chambers, Show Chair
Chrissy Norris, Show Treasurer
Sherry Amtower, Amateur
Frank Reed, Amateur
Chelsea Wesson, Amateur
Mike Grimm, Trainer
Jody Strand, Trainer
Angela Sullivan, Trainer
Jessica Maldonado, Breeder
Tony Reid, Breeder

Region XI Sport Horse Show Commission
John Simpson, Show Manager
Katie Keim, Show Treasurer
Laurie Kern
Heather Voyles
Marilyn Weber
Chelsea Wesson
Susie Wesson
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Youth Ambassador Program

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Regional Prize Lists

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