Region XI of the Arabian Horse Association

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Region XI is comprised of sixteen clubs in the states of Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. We have several rated shows and local fun shows throughout the Region in which we show our beloved Arabian and Half Arabian horses.

We also have several competitive and endurance rides which showcase the Arabian as the horse preferred by so many distance riders! No matter what discipline you participate in or if you enjoy your Arabian around the farm, trails, gymkhanas, or parades, we feel that there is no better horse to ride.

Included on the website you will find a listing of all the clubs in our tri-state area. Look one up, give a contact person a call, and come visit one of our meetings,. educational clinics, or play days with our horses. We are sure you will find a club not too far from your location and many willing to show you their horses!

So enjoy the time and see why we have all chosen the Arabian horse!!


During the 1973 International Arabian Horse Association (hereafter referred to as IAHA) convention in Boston, MA, a new Regional plan was adopted by the convention delegates that would affect all members of IAHA and divide them into 18 geographic regions. It was announced that the states of Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri would comprise the area to be known as Region XI.

The first Region XI meeting was held December, 15, 1973 in Quincy, IL. At that meeting Region XI officers were elected and the elected chairman of the Region would serve as a Director on the IAHA Board of Directors. The Regional Director elected by club delegates would report the interests and concerns of his Regional members to the Board of Directors, and the Regional meetings would improve communications between clubs. Alfred Gardner was the acting chair at that first Region XI meeting and Dr. Robert Ewbank, Vice President of the Illinois Arabian Horse Association, was elected Director of Region XI. It was agreed during this first meeting that Regional Championship classes would be held in conjunction with various state shows throughout the Region each year and that a request for the Regional Championship classes must be made to the Region one year prior to the show by the state organization requesting the classes.

The Illinois Arabian Horse Association requested that the 1974 Region XI Championship classes be held in conjunction with their annual Illinois All Arabian Horse Show in Springfield, IL, and that request was granted. The show was a success and was held by the association again in 1976. Dr. Ewbank went on to serve as President of IAHA from 1980 to 1982.


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